We believe that there is need for a conscious redirection of Nigerian news and news about Plateau State.

Sights & Sounds

In an attempt to raise the profile of the Nation’s tourism sector, investment opportunities and to showcase the “Beauty beyond the mask” of our Nation, WeJOSrock promotes and showcases the country through what it is blessed with.
Our Sights and Sounds leads you to discover places, people and culture.

Businesses in Jos

Thinking of investing on the Plateau or exploring products and services you can get from Plateau State?

WeJosRock shows you opportunities and shares with you stories about other businesses growing in Plateau State. 

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Our Team

Herbert Daniel Gomagallah

Founder & Executive Director, WeJosRock

An Economist and a Creative Writer from Jos. He is a content developer, advertisement creator, and a brand strategist.

James Akila Bwala

Co-Founder, WeJosRock

Pharmacist and business strategist.

Mishael Salamu Nungkop (MSN)


Political Scientist, Youth and Human Rights Activist, a Development Worker and a Political Analyst. He is from Plateau State, Nigeria. He is a graphics designer and a researcher

Johnson Umaru Joseph

Graphics Designer

Community developer and educationist with skills in graphic design and creative thinking.