In March 2018, Farmer1st was created with the primary focus of providing simple solutions to the contemporary challenges faced by millions of small scale farmers in Nigeria. Their micro-credit scheme – “Farmer MONEY” gives farmers and agro traders– majorly women, access to short term credit at single digit interest rates.

Farmer First brings Financial Inclusion of over 30 million small scale farmers in Nigeria do not have access to basic banking and financial services. In view of this, we have developed Farmer PAY; Nigeria’s first Mobile Banking (USSD) and Agent Banking platform that enables farmers make payments, receive money and pay bills.

Their online and offline channels connect farmers with off-takers directly which helps in reducing the huge volume of post-harvest losses farmers face, and their exposure to the exploitative tendencies of most middlemen.

Are you a farmer or business man or woman and you need a loan?
Call Farmer1st on 07056780567 and within 48 Hours, You will get credited.
It is Simple, Fast and Efficient.
Check the loan platform Farmers First to register and get a loan.

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