As fans will not be allowed into the match venue between Plateau United FC and Simba FC today, the Honourable Commissioner for youth and sports development, Plateau State sent out their apologies to football fans all over Nigeria and Africa for the game not going live as it is not what was initially planned. However, blamed Azam TV for their lack of professionalism which made them pull out of the deal. His statement was made available to the press today, 29th November, 2020. Read his statement.

The Statement

“ In as much as we would rather prefer to talk on the pitch, it is imperative to state our side of the story and set the records straight.
We actually signed a deal with Azam TV to show the game live via our media consultant and contracts were signed with invoices dispatched.
Unfortunately, Azam’s lack of tact and professionalism made us pull out of the deal because monies due to us was not remitted on time and as such, we could not continue with the deal.

It is imperative to also add that during the final discussions leading to our agreements, the representatives of Azam made uncomplimentary remarks to our consultant which bothered on integrity and nationalistic values which put paid to the conclusion of the deal to stream the game live.
Matches have been televised from our stadium and we would continue to do so but must be done with every bit of professionalism, responsibility and fair play.
To say we deliberately refused to air the game is incorrect, we do not do that. Jos, and Plateau State is a place of peace and tourism and everyone is welcome but we also have the right to be treated fairly and rightly just like we have accorded to others.
Cameras will still be allowed in the stadium for accredited media to do their jobs without hindrance as we believe in fair play. To suggest anything otherwise is going overboard.
Our apologies to football fans all over Nigeria and Africa for the game not going live as it isn’t what was initially planned. Simba FC are our brothers and have been treated with respect and value since the came to Plateau State and we would continue to do same until they depart.”

Victor Lapang, Commissioner for Youth and Sports Development, Plateau State.

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