Here are the demands of the #EndSars Protesters in Plateau State as Presented to the Governor of Plateau State.

  1. Justice for all victims of Police and Military brutality (Henry Anthony Dokotri, Joshua Malan, Rinji Peter Bala, Shedrach Kums Fenan, and all others) through the independent judicial panel of inquiry which has been set up d to oversee the investigation, report and prosecution of police misconduct
  2. Public hearings be streamed live and broadcast across all media.
  3. That the representatives of Civil Society groups and youth members of the panel should be nominated by the protesters
  4. The appropriate compensation for all victims and their families through the immediate setting up of a Victims Support Fund and that disbursement is proper, transparent and public
  5. An upward review in Police salaries, improvement of working and living conditions and other welfare packages so that they are adequately compensated for the important responsibility of protecting lives and properties of citizens.
    That In line with the new police Act, they demand that all officers of the NPF be psychologically evaluated and retrained to handle the full capacity of their roles.

That specific and strategic policies should be formulated and seen implemented to curtail the increase in crimes especially robbery and kidnapping perpetrated by bandits and “unknown gunmen” in the city and other areas of the State. In line with this, they demand that the Governor’s promise of setting up security outpost in local communities be fulfilled.

That in line with international best practices, measures should be taken to ensure public safety and police presence. That government should withdraw assault rifles from police officers serving within civilian populations; as the police are meant to protect the masses not oppress them. Rather, the government should arm them with sidearms

That a state of emergency be declared in the Educational Sector and demand an increase in the budgetary allocation to the Educational sector by 50% and to double again within the next 24 months.
That government revise the educational sector and choose well-trained teachers and provide adequate equipment that will bring balanced 21st century teaching methods.

That a state of emergency be declared on the Health Sector and a systemic overhaul be put in place.
We demand that salaries must be paid in a timely fashion
An increase of budgetary allocations to the health sector by at least 50%.

They demand an infrastructural revival in the state, that must include the immediate completion of the Zaria Road Stadium and all pending road projects, as well as the restoration of defunct industries such as JIB, PMC, Steel rolling mill, and setting up of new industries.

That the state government invests in the tourism sector of the state and harnesses the available opportunities to attract more investors to the State with the goal of growing the State’s economy.

They demand the immediate resignation of every public officer found guilty of any forms of crimes and corruption. they must step aside during the investigation.

They demand a review of the cost of governance. We insist that the huge salaries and benefits accorded to public office holders must be revised by the Revenue Mobilization, Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC) and the funds should be channeled to increase capital expenditure.

They demand the creation of the youth development funds dedicated to growing the creative Industries and Agriculture.

That State Government must ensure that no protester be harassed, arrested and/or detained for participation in this very peaceful protest, either now or anytime in the future.

  1. For demands requiring Federal intervention, we request that the Governor transmits our demands to the President and reverts to the youths with the response of the President
  2. They unequivocally stated that if after 90 days there is no feasible progress in meeting the demands herein stated within the powers of the Governor, the youths would meet on the streets again.

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