The ECWA International College Of Technology to begin a National Diploma Programme on Waste Management and Entrepreneurship.

This was made known yesterday, 8th February, 2022 at a public presentation of curriculum on Waste Management And Entrepreneurship Of The ECWA International College Of Education and Jos Green Centre. A programme  supported by Tearfund.

It is an initiative to crack the nut of the high level of youth unemployment in Nigeria through the creation of a curriculum that gainfully provides employment for young people and solves the problem of waste.
“The philosophy of waste Management and Entrepreneurship hinges on the principle of circular economy which is an opposite of a linear economy. Linear economy is associated with wastes, and therefore has ecological implications. It is characterized by take, make, use, and dispose, whereas the circular approach is characterized by reuse, and recycle after use thereby having an ultimate goal of prevention of waste, or zero-waste in the enviroment.”

Welcoming guest at the public presentation of the Curriculum, Mrs. Christie Dasaro, Rector of the ECWA International College of Technology said that the certificate and diploma programmes of the institution will commence first quarter of this year, 2022.

On behalf of the Tearfund country director, Mr. Godwin Nimyel while unveiling the curriculum said “Tearfund is looking forward to a robust monitoring of the curriculum and looking forward to scaling it up to other institutions across the country. That the goal of ending poverty in the world will be met through this curriculum and more.”

On the Plateau State Government side, Hon. David Jaafaru Wuyep in a keynote address said “The Plateau State Government is updating its policy on Environment to reflect current best practices in the sector and equally importantly, the transition to green growth.” therefore commended Tearfund for the great initiative of moving the idea into school curriculum.

The representative of the ECWA executives Rev. Chris Dariya made emphasis of the “good that comes out of waste” and commended ECWA International College of Technology and other partners for this initiative.He dedicated the curriculum to God for use.

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