Twamsen Danaan is an animator, photographer, film director, documentary filmmaker and firm believer in human rights. He loves to hear the stories that people tell and cherishes the experiences that come with meeting them.
He has worked with JFP films in collaboration with GIZ and the EU, as a soundman on the second of their two part series E go better part 2: A microinsurance story, and two documentary films, Plateau on the move and Rice is our business. In 2017, he and his team were awarded a grant by the Franco German fund to make an animation film which they titled, Amira and it screened at the AFRIFF 2018 Animation day.
In August of 2019, he worked as camera operator in the TEDx event (TEDx Argungu) at Kebbi state, Nigeria.
Recently, his photographs were displayed at the Jos Art Gallery Online public exhibition, titled Beautiful Chaos and he is always open to collaborate on any creative venture.

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