The saddest” is a story about two widows. One was blessed by the God with three children and the other had no children.
The one who was blessed with children never appreciated God for this blessings –rather, she accused God of giving her children that will kill her. Her statement came from the background of how troubled her children have been and the pain their deviant character has caused her.
For the other woman without children, she never blamed the God for her  “situation” rather, she blesses God and still prays daily for God to give her one.
The expressions of men you’ll agree is a puzzle to God– What  really will make humanity happy?
Lamb Oklo, is a young Nigerian writer, poet and a playwright. He is from Lafia local government of Nasarawa state but currently resides in JosPlateau state. Lamb began writing from being inspired by the works of Kahlil Gibran and since then, his style of writing has been shaped by this writer.
He believes in God, and also in this; that the most unsettling sound in human experience is silence; when nature begs for wailing. Little wonder, he talks less and that makes him a silent learner. What inspires him to write are his environment, nature, love, God and the tragedy of humanity. He is a pan African.
You can get a copy of his book; “ The Saddest” on Amazon The Book By Oklo.

It is a thought provoking collection of poetry and prose Lamb Oklo. It explains the pains and sadness of humanity and how people can overcome them.
Lamb Oklo

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