“Jos To The World” presents to you beauty to behold and greatness to relate with.
Jos City is not only one of the most popular cities in Nigeria but also served as the spring board for so many great events in history and people who have written and those who are writing their names in the sand of time.
“Jos To The World” is a story of the old and every young man and woman walking in various streets of Nigeria and across the world and making things happen. In so doing, it brings the world’s attention to us.
It is that celebrated life that has a root called greatness, a place where dreams come to reality.
It brings people to the realisation that history can be written again and in gold.
“We Jos Rock” is here to bring you all the beautiful things Jos City is made up of and blessed with. From talents to ideas, nature’s gifts to its people.
The following Nigerians have written and are writing parts of history in gold;
Kenneth Gyang – A filmmaker, An African Movie Academy winner [His movie won Best Film – at the African Movie Academy Awards, Bayelsa ]
One of the best Nigerian Rappers, Award winning Multi-talented producer extra ordinary, J-Town Masterpeiece; Jesse Jagz,
Mikel Obi; an international footballer who had his childhood years in Jos,
Panam Percy Paul; popular Christian musician,
Obinna Nsofor; popular Nigerian footballer who started his career in Jos,
Kevin Pam; first Nigerian to win Big Brother Africa, Karen, P-Square; popular musical duo who had their childhood years in Jos,
Jeremiah Gyang – Singer and Multi-Talented instrumentalist who is from Jos,
Jude Abaga, popularly known as MI; a popular Nigerian Rapper who also had his childhood years in Jos,
Ice Prince Zamani, Nigerian Rapper, who had his everything defined in Jos, Bongos Ikwe; a popular musician who grew up in Jos.
Others are Segun Odegbami; popular Nigerian footballer who had his childhood years in Jos, Bez ; a Nigerian alternative soul singer born and raised in Jos, Dayo Okeniyi, an actor most known for playing “Thresh in the Hunger Games” movie, He was born in Jos. Choji Bare, from Turu in Vwang district. An industrial chemist from the University of Jos. In 2009, he invented a refinery process that converts plastic/nylon waste to a good yield of petroleum products like petrol, diesel, kerosene and cooking gas. This invention attracted lots of interests from Europe and America. Companies sent representatives all the way to Jos. He was given a presidential award in 2012. He has been featured on forbs magazine severally, recognized and endorsed by several international bodies. The names mentioned are just few among many others that this city is blessed with.
We all together are pictures of great personalities in Jos…
Jos city is beautiful, lets join hands and rewrite our story…
Lets showcase the beauty within, and the strength we have to drive the wheel of progress where ever we are.
You’re Just what will make Plateau more beautiful.
Remember, Plateau state is blessed with both natural & human resources. So, this piece is to draw your attention to just be a part of what we’re blessed with as the home of peace & tourism. That needs us to rise beyond our great past into a future that is worth celebrating.
Just when some people thought that we’re all finished in Jos, I hear us all saying; “This just the beginning.” With the hands of our political leadership, with the choice we’ve made all to live in peace and to contribute our quota in making this state beautiful again, Plateau is rising!!!
Our streets are beautiful, businesses are thriving , hope made alive and that tourist haven is unveiled.
That’s what “The Jos the world” is about.
We have great entertainers here and those that left this state as ambassadors, and the entertainment industry in this state is rising . The talents we see are just enormous.
We want everyone to Discover Jos city; The Home of peace and tourism.
Discover Jos city; The spring board to every success story.
Discover Jos city; The most accommodating state in Nigeria.
Discover Jos city; A haven to behold.
Discover Jos City; A place where crops grow abundantly. We feed the nation with varieties of food crops. From our tomatoes to our potatoes, just to mention a few.
The State is known as The Home of Peace and Tourism because it has a lot to show to the world.
In terms of tourism, we have the following to be proud of ;
The Museum of Traditional Nigerian Architecture.
Jos Zoo is located in Jos city, beside the museum. It has a good stock of animals, birds and reptiles and was established in 1957.
Assop Falls is one of the most notable of Nigeria’s many waterfalls. Located at the edge of the Jos Plateau, about 40 miles (64 km) from Jos city, on the road to Abuja.
The Wildlife Safari Park sits in the middle of 8 km2 (3.09 sq. miles) of unspoiled savanna bush, about 4 km (2 mi) from Jos. It offers a wide variety of wild animals within easy viewing. The park also boasts great, panoramic views of Jos city.
The National Museum in Jos was founded in 1952, and is recognised as one of the best in the country. It is renowned for its archeology and The Pottery Hall has an exceptional collection of finely crafted pottery from all over Nigeria. The museum boasts some fine specimens of Nok terracotta heads and artifacts dating from between 500 BC to 200 AD.
Kurra Falls is an area of magnificent scenery some 77 kilometers southeast of Jos. It is the location of the State’s first hydroelectric power station.
The Kerang highlands are located about 88 kilometres from Jos. These beautiful, volcanic mountain hills are the source of natural mountain springs, which supply the popular spring water company (SWAN).
The Shere Hills include some of the Plateau’s highest peaks. They are a scenic range of hills to the east of Jos which offer a prime view of the city below. They offer fantastic opportunities to mountain climbers and hill walkers alike.
Riyom Rock is one of nature’s most spectacular rock formations, located 25 kilometers southwest of Jos, near Riyom town. One of which is the famous “Three-Stone”.
Pandam Game Reserve is a wildlife sanctuary. It is a protected region of natural habitat and is home to Hippopotami, Crocodiles and snakes of all types. Local park rangers track local game on foot and guide people to the best viewing areas. It offers sports fishing facilities and tourist accommodation is available.

Wase Rock is a striking dome-shaped inselberg which juts out of the ground to an incredible height of 450 meters. It is located about 216 kilometers southeast of Jos near Wase town. It is one of the only five breeding places for the White pelican in Africa. Because of this, the government now protects about 321 acres (1.30 km2) of land around the rock as a bird sanctuary and for wildlife development.
Kahwang Rock Formation is a set of beautiful basalt rocks, second to one of its kind found in Switzerland. Located in Bangai village of Bachi District in Riyom Local Government of the state, the Kahwang rocks have received tourists from different parts of the state, the country at large and on occasions, from outside Nigeria, who visit the site to see for themselves the wonders of nature.
We’ve not reached were we are heading to because all of these sites need to be totally be brought back to live. However, our hope and dream for this state remains unchanging.
We are Proud of who we are as we bring the whole world to Jos.

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