Travel in comfort and elegance as Green-Stallion Transport takes you from Jos to Abuja and from Abuja to Jos.

Your jounery starts from Mr. Biggs, old Airport ( The Jos terminal) to Kays plaza, Jabi (Abuja terminal) in the heart of Abuja in comfort, style and class. On board, Green-Stallion transport Air condition, free Bottle water, free charging ports and charger, on board entertainment (TV) and more leg room.

Green-Stallion Transport drives a maximum of 100km/hr speed limit with well dressed and courteous drivers.
Green-Stallion Transport is open to criticisms and review, hence numbers to call report drivers or any issue are on board.

They do not pick road side passengers nor encourage touting.
Their MPVs are very clean, neat with good ambience.
The beautiful part of traveling with Green-Stallion is that you can book from the comfort of your home where you book your preferred seat and departure time. Their customer care staff follows up with passengers from 30 minutes before departure. You do not need to rush to the terminal to pay or get your ticket.
Green-Stallion transport gives you comfort and luxury and pampers all their passengers.
Their Waybill Service is top notch as you do not need to call the driver or worry about the safety of your package. Both sender and recipient gets sms and email alert upon departure and arrival of parcel or goods. They also deliver at the customer’s doorstep.
The Experience:
Green-Stallion has successfully travelled many people in Jos. The likes of Funny Gee, Osama, David King, Mbasiti Jesse, Emmanuel Ideyin, Vina Adams, Doctors bankers have positive reviews for this company…

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…….Drive in elegance, pay economy with Green-Stallion!!!

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