Rt. Hon. Yusuf Adamu Gagdi

Mr. Speaker, Honourable Colleagues, permit me to lead the debate on the general principles of A Bill for an Act to Establish the Federal University of Education, Pankshin. You would recall that this Bill was read for the first time in this hallowed Chamber.

My respected Colleagues, this is a very straight forward piece of legislation that seeks to repeal paragraph (k) of the first schedule to the Federal Colleges of Education Act Cap F8, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004 and Enact the Federal University of Education, Pankshin to provide for the promotion and development of teacher education in Nigeria
My respected Colleagues, for the attainment of its objectives as specified in section 1 (5), the University has powers to:

(a) offer courses of instruction, training and research in education and allied areas for the production of quality and skilled teachers required to teach at lower, middle and higher levels of education in Nigeria in particular and the world at large;

(b) establish such colleges, campuses, institutes, schools, departments and other teaching and research units within the University as may be deemed necessary or desirable subject to the approval of National Universities Commission;

(c) institute professorships, readerships, associate professorships, lectureships, and other posts and offices and to make appointments to those post and offices;

(d) institute and award fellowships, scholarships, exhibitions, bursaries, medals, prizes and other titles, distinctions, awards and forms of assistance;

(e) provide for the discipline and welfare of members of the University;

(f) hold examinations and grant degrees, diplomas, certificates and other distinctions to

persons who have pursued a course of study approved by the University and have satisfied such other requirements as the University may lay down;

(g) grant honorary degrees, fellowships or academic titles;

(h) demand and receive from any student or any other person attending the University for the purposes of instruction, such fees as the University may determine subject to the overall directives of the Minister;

(i) subject to section 20, acquire, hold, grant, charge or otherwise deal with or dispose of movable and immovable property wherever it is situate;

(j) accept gifts, legacies and donations, but without obligation to accept the same for a particular purpose unless it approves the terms and conditions attached;

(k) enter into contracts, establish trusts, act as trustee, solely or jointly with any other person, and employ or act through agents;

(l) erect, provide, equip and maintain libraries, laboratories, workshops, lecture halls, halls of residence, refectories, sports grounds, playing fields and other buildings or things necessary, suitable or convenient for any of the objects of the University;

(m) hold public lectures and to undertake printing, publishing and book selling;

(n) subject to any limitation or condition imposed by the Statute, to invest money appertaining to the University by way of endowment, not being immediately required for current expenditure in any investment or security or in the purchase or improvement of land, with power, from time to time, to vary such investments and deposit any money for the time being not invested with any bank in a deposit or current account;

(o) borrow, whether on interest or not and if need be upon the security of any or all of the property, movable or immovable, of the University, such money as the Council may find necessary or expedient to borrow or to guarantee any loan, advances or credit facilities;

(p) make gifts for any charitable purpose;

(q) do anything which it is authorised or required by this Act or any Statute to do; and

(r) do all such acts or things, whether or not incidental to these powers, as may advance the objects of the University.

(2) Subject to the provisions of this Act and of the Statutes and without prejudice to section 7 (2), the powers conferred on the University under subsection (1) is exercisable on behalf of the University by the Council, Senate or in any other manner which may be authorised by the Statute.

The power of the University to establish additional campuses and colleges within the University shall be exercised in accordance with the Statute.

My respected Colleagues may recall that the 9th House of Representatives passed a similar Bill that repealed paragraph (i) of the first schedule to the Federal Colleges of Education Act and Enact the Adeyemi University of Education in line with the Government policy on Education
In conclusion, Mr. Speaker, my respected Colleagues, In view of the efforts currently being made by the Federal Government of Nigeria to diversify the Nigerian economy, the need to encourage teachers education cannot be overemphasized, hence the much needed move to upgrade the Federal College of Education Pankshin to a full University status (Federal University of Education, Pankshin) in line with the Federal Government policy on education. I therefore urge my respected colleagues to support that the bill be read for the second time and referred to the relevant committee for further legislative action.

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