“I remember those days, excellence was the watch word and the standards were brought even higher, my set had experienced excellent Principals in the past, who can beat the academic prowess of McLean Dikwal and Hilary Selzing? 

Then came Solomon Dangfa, unarguably some of the best names when it comes to secondary education on the Plateau.

Solomon Dangfa came at a time the outgoing senior students were about to write their SSCE and we were to be the next top brass, he brought brilliant, young, role model Science Oriented graduates to help him mold his boys and amongst those that came, unarguably, one was exceptional, I still remember vividly, the young Engineer called Nentawe Yilwatda Goshwe and suddenly, the paradigm shift started. 
Dikwal was a father figure, who demanded discipline, hard work and decency.Selzing wanted us to be soldiers, combatants and Spartans.Dangfa wanted us to be top in the field of Medicine, Engineering Science and Technology.These were the cardinal points that made us who we are today, but I must appreciate those that molded us too. 
I saw Baba Dikwal some days ago around Onigbinde stores Bukuru, I must also appreciate the late Hillary Selzing and late Solomon Dangfa, your memories live on.
Thank you Dr Nentawe Goshwe Yilwatda , you are part of us too, not to start a war of words with GOSA anyways.”

A Story Shared by Kim Godfrey Gwott. 

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