Government Science School Kuru is gearing up for it’s 80th anniversary and as a KOSA it prides me to be part of this legacy infused with great traditions.
Kuru has traditionally been an educational exchange centre were students across the length & breadth of this country where sent in for studies, it offers diverse friendships forged with life long impact.

The Kuru slogan of ‘ reading for distinction ‘ has catapulted Kurians to citadel of different professions.
One memorable event in Kuru calendar was the ‘ career day ‘ where accomplished people especially alumni were invited to speak to students about their careers and this helped provided career paths for many students who are doing well today in their chosen careers.
Kuru is a challenging and stimulating ground that provokes critical reasoning, at Kuru everything is achievable.

Four decades ago when I set foot on that blessed school, I remain grateful to be part of the KOSA family and today in my family we have many who followed my path to taste the great tradition.
In 1984 the first para – military coup d’etat in Nigeria was staged in Kuru led by my amiable Friend Jonathan Kudje aka Gadafy topping the reign of Larry Bird from the Leadership of Kuru Man ‘ O ‘ war which the school authority upheld.
Kuru life made things easier because all you need is to built on the Kuru experience and excellent results will manifest.
I am honoured to be one of the pioneer science students, ‘ 82’ upward when the school became a sole science institution, ever then the story has been glaring.
I wish KOSA a remarkable year and anniversary, 80 years calls for pops.

Zakka H Mangut ( President debating & writing club GSS Kuru 1984/85 and a member of set 85 )

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