Morgi Festival of the Pangchen People of Ngas Land.

Morgi Festival is usually done once in a year, around the beginning of the year particularly within the first three months of the year towards or after the first rain.

Morgi Festival of the Pangchen People of Ngas Land

It is a common practice in Pangchen widely known as Pankshin with the aim of praying to the gods of the land before the commencement of the planting season seeking for blessings for the crops to be planted and for bountiful harvest.

It goes futher into seeking for cleansing, forgiving, healing and purification of the Land from evil vices.

The beauty of the festival is the masquerade dance, with plenty of local brew, local food soaked in mwir pet(olive oil) and most at times eaten together.

I always remember my experiences as a kid growing up in Pankshin, I watched how young people roam on the street praising and chanting the masquerades which later turns out to be a long chase and almost endless sprint, some short-lived and when the masquerade gains on you at arms lenght you will receive the subtitle blessings of the gods from his cooked whipped.

Morgi Festival of the Pangchen People of Ngas Land

It is a beautiful practice pass down to generations, it is the essence of tradition and culture that will hardly go extinct within the Ngas people particularly the people of Pankshin.

Lawunna Yilwada

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