On the 20th of November, 2020 At Elim Top Suit Rayfield Jos Nigeria,
NANS Zone “C” Sec. Gen. Prince Godwin Mudimdang Bedir ( CNS) Unveils Zonal Magazine Tagged “The Pains & Gains Of Activism” In Honour Of Veteran Activist Chief Maqual Micheal Kuba.
In a statement issued by Joseph Daniel Gogwim Former S.U.G President, FCE Pankshin and Chief of staff to the secretary general, the day promises to bring together great personalities which includes Senator Shehu Sani among many others.

In the words of Joseph Daniel;
“According to antiquity In the pages of history of NANS ZONE C secretariat, PRINCE GODWIN BEDIR is the first to unveil the secretariat magazine to promote prominence, peace unity and egalitarianism among Nigerian students.
He believes that the days of true and active activism have faded away. The conventional wisdom is that young people no longer care enough to stand up and support just course. The need to know the pass and reshape the present lofty ideals are the compelling reason for this magazine which Nigerian students will find so rewarding and encouraged as we walk to bring about transformation in the realm of unionism and activism, by understanding and walking toward the realization of our position in the state of affairs. It is very indispensable and imperative for us to know the ideals, reality and consequence of activism in global leadership.

There is no attainment of wealth, favor, or eminence without severe physical discomfort and emotional distress (gain) sometimes.
Prince Godwin BEDIR has proven himself to be a unionist and activist of illuminate character that have distinguished himself to serve the legitimate indispensable enthrall of Nigerian students even in the face of difficulty and hardship. He is a leader of high repute among his contemporaries–
very humble and transparent in his affairs.

The unveiling of the legacy magazine involves distinguished personalities across Nigeria who have paid their price in the hall of fame of active activism.
The program therefore features public lectures, unveiling of secretariat magazine, award presentation to those that have paid their dues in the theatre of unionism.
Guest speaker, Right Distinguished Sen. Shehu Sani, a pragmatic and proactive activist. He will speak on the “Pains And Gains of activism.”

The secretariat therefore welcomes you to this auspicious event.”

Event Flyer

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