The popular quest for equity, fair and just in good governance need not to be overemphasized as far as the ‘adalchi’ slogan of the ruling APC is concern.

The emergence of the Governorship candidates of major political parties from the central zone of Plateau State calls for running mates from the northern zone in the popular political arrangement in plateau state. However, the ruling APC need to get it right in order to win majority votes of the highly populated and Berom dominated zone that is still having a great influence of the PDP opposition party.

The choice of Riyom LGA to produce the party’s running mate is going to be a wise decision for the APC family if the party really want to canvass for votes in the zone. Let me use the following issues to butress my reasons.


It’s glaring that the major opposition party is not zoning it’s running mate to Riyom on the basis that they have a senatorial candidate they can use to canvass for votes and they also have a plan to take their running mate to where the APC senatorial ticket is. What is the ruling APC having to canvass for votes there? I think the APC need to think in that direction too.


It’s clear again that Jos south has a senatorial  and House of Reps candidates to sell while canvassing for votes, B/ladi has the state party chairman which they don’t want to loose and they also have the House of Representatives candidate for B/ladi-Riyom Federal constituency to canvass for votes with. Again the myth of the Present speaker, who is also a PLHA candidate in Bassa speaks alot. The House of Reps ticket in Jos north will also work well. I want to quickly add that   our able SGS is a bulldozer for the ruling APC in Jos north too.
Jos East that has enjoyed PLHA speakership for two consecutive tenures is APC rooted. The mighty vice chancellor of PLASU is a big voice for the APC too.

What do we have to say about Riyom despite having a senatorial candidate from the opposition party there? What will they use to woo their electorates with? A food for thought.


When Riyom were fortunate to start enjoying their struggles in the political relm, Sen. Gyang Dalyop Dantong of blessed memories became a senator from Riyom. After the demise of senator Dantong, the seat was not maintained in Riyom but was rather shifted to Jos North where senator GNS Pwajok also of blessed memories emerged. This happened when Da sen. Jonah Jang was also a serving Governor from Jos south. The senatorial  seat was also maintained in Jos south when Da Jonah Jang succeeded Sen. GNS Pwajok while GNS was to replace Jang as Governor. The seat of the senator is now in B/Ladi. Aside Late Da sen. John Wash Pam who has served as a senator from B/Ladi, it worthy to note the Sen. Timothy Adudu from Bassa has also served a complete senatorial seat. May I also mention Sen. Davou D. B Zang from Jos south.


I think it is convincing that Riyom LGA have been sidelined in the political judgement of Plateau North. A stitch in time… I therefore advice the ruling APC to the needful if they really want to clinch the seat of authority of the Executive Governor Plateau State with the huge votes of the North zone which produces almost half the votes of Plateau State with Riyom at heart.

Again, I wish to conclude that Riyom LGA seriously need Government attention for it’s the LGA with the highest number of IDPs on the Plateau, which is recuperating from the effect of the crises. Infact politics have a rewarding system, hence,  Riyom LGA needs encouragement as one of the local government that has  improved it’s performance tremendously since the 2015 elections. The records are there.

Bitrus Jal
For Riyom concern Youth

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