The School Anthem As Composed by Late Papa Lewis of blessed memory is the number one inspiration you will get being in science school kuru.
Then the motto– Discipline and Hard Work will guide your path in your journey towards greatness.

For me, these words; “For when; In distance places for,
Troubles press, temptations lure,
We’ll always have this guiding star, for
Then we’ll remember Kuru.
For we’re the sons of Kuru;
We’ll strive and we’ll stay as will as we may.
For we are the sons of Kuru,
So help us God, We pray” from the anthem kept me going.
It is exciting to learn that there were stars that passed through the roads we had to go through.
These were very amazing people being in Kuru will inspire you to want to be like and even greater.
So, while in class, we studied like our next breath depended on it.

“ We are the boys of kuru;
We work hard and play, As hard as we may.”
Therefore, in the field of Play, we compete with schools and trash them.
In academics, we were absolutely second to none.
From debates to quiz competitions, we often come tops.
Talk about great Plateau sons and daughters, talk about Nigerians breaking borders in science, technology and humanities; you will see Kuru Boys here and there.
On a lighter note, when we step into any secondary school, all eyes were on us because of how we will appear.
Boys from other schools have even accused Kuru boys for snatching their girlfriends.
While we celebrate these 80 years, we must say that the glory most of us left in Science School Kuru must be restored.
That the ordinary man in the village can send his child to a government owned secondary school and will be rest assured they will turn out to be stars.
Now, what must be done to bring back Kuru to its pass glory and even more?
I highlighted a few among many others;

  1. Ensure that teachers posted to Kuru are qualified and dedicated to their duty post.
  2. That teachers salaries be paid as at when due. That should be accompanied by other forms of rewards from Alumni and other well wishers.
  3. There should be regular training of teachers
  4. Teaching and research equipment and materials should be provided, particularly in the labs and workshops to match theories taught with practicals.
  5. Instill discipline as it were, without preferential treatment.
  6. Reward students for good performance. In restoring the Past Glory of Science School Kuru, all hands must be on deck. – #waniyaro

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