If enjoyment was a person, it would spend eternity with the King of Turn Up, Star lager beer.

The brand, once more, stole the show on Sunday, at Grillz Bar, Old Otukpo Road, Makurdi, delivering an overdose of premium enjoyment and satisfaction to everyone present on the night.

One of the highlights of the night was the raffle draws, winning, and presentation of mouthering gifts which left many people in disbelief; a tip of the iceberg on what the brand is set to do in other centres of Turn Up with Star.

Star lager beer made the night at Grillz Bar an unforgettable experience and everyone that turned up with Star agreed to this as they raised glasses and bottles in salutation to the King of beers and Turn Up, while dancing joyfully into cool the night, under the glittering stars in the sky.

Local acts were on hand to also add to the razzmatazz of the night by performing their songs which were vibed to by the crowd at Turn Up with Star. It was indeed a night many wished would linger longer without borders.

The train fun train moves from Makurdi to Kaduna as Star lager rewards consumers and fun seekers with unforgettable moments at Turn Up with Star.

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