STAR Lager Excites Brand Lovers As The Ultimate Beer At The Igbo Day Festival In Kaduna.

As if what happened in Makurdi was not enough, Kaduna showed Star brand lovers that what they experienced at the Makurdi Turn Up With Star was just the tip of the iceberg, dem dey learn! 

KD fun seekers, who attended the Igbo Day Festival 2022, with their full chest, defined what premium enjoyment is as they defied all odds to Turn Up With Star and have the time of their lives.

Although the event at the Nigeria Correctional Service Staff College (Prisons Staff College) Barnawa, Kaduna South, celebrated Igbo culture, Naija’s number 1 beer brand took the event to another height and opened the floodgate of fun and unbeatable enjoyment.

All who were gathered, testified to the goodness of Star lager beer as they made merry, and named the premium brand Eze Biya, which translates to the King of Beers. This statement is a confirmation of the position of Kaduna people who could not have enough when Star came to town.

Games, raffle draws, and presentations of gifts were some of the highlights of the event. Some fun seekers ended the night on a joyful note because Star lager beer rewarded them with not just premium enjoyment but with mouthwatering gifts also.

The event in KD is a pointer to what should be expected when Turn Up With Star hits Abuja. 

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