The new strategy will guide the Tearfund Nigeria country office and its partners in project implementation, partner engagement, resource allocation, scope of work, coverage and impact assessment.

The year 2021 marks the beginning of a new phase necessitating the public Presentation of a new Tearfund country strategy covering the period 2021–2027 (with five thematic areas (Church and Community Transformation (CCT), Sexual and Gender Based–Violence (SGBV and Mental Health), Peace building, Disaster and Risk Reduction and Advocacy – ESS) to overcome poverty. 

Tearfund  is a Christian International Relief and Development Agency, born out of the UK Evangelical Alliance and has in the last fifty years pursued a distinctively Christian role in the international development sector remaining true to the vision of a truly Christ-centred approach to aid and development that led to its foundation in 1968 (Tearfund Business Plan 2017-2020). Tearfund’s work in Nigeria began in the early 1970s with the support provided for a number of Christian organisations involved in development work. Nigeria is one of the over 50 countries where Tearfund works operating under a signed Cooperation Agreement with the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria through the Ministry of Budget and National Planning.

The objectives of the new country strategy and the thematic focus for the period are (a) Church & Community Transformation (CCT) –‘Resilient communities transformed through high facilitation, integrated programming and stronger partnership with local churches, theological institutions and Christian church networks’. (b) SGBV Response-‘Reduced rates of sexual and gender- based violence cases, maternal and child protection response’. (c) Peace Building –‘Improved conflict management, peacebuilding systems and accountable governance for peaceful co-existence and harmony in communities. (d) Disaster Response –‘Effectively responding to life saving needs and building the resilience of vulnerable communities through delivery of relief and livelihood assistance by local actors’. (e) Advocacy (EES) –‘The environment is safeguarded, enriched and sustained in communities through sustainable environmental policies, practices and economic activities promoted by the churches and communities themselves’. The strategy is generally aim greater integration and synergy across thematic and geographical areas for greater impact of our work in communities.

Tearfund Nigeria works to tackle the causes and consequences of poverty, through integrated approaches of Church & Community Transformation (CCT), Sexual and gender- based violence (SGBV)/HIV Response, Peacebuilding,  Disasters preparedness and Response  and Environmental and Economic Sustainability (EES).

This it does in partnership with local churches, theological institutions, Christian faith based organizations, Christian church networks and institutional donors.

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