Before writing about what Zaheen Global Concepts, Jos, Plateau State is into, let us build a background in relation to the industry.


Minerals are the structural blocks of rocks. There are over 4,900 known mineral species. Minerals can be found in the earth and are physically occurring matter. They are usually found in rocks, water and dirt. Some minerals such as silver or gold are composed of only one element.
Other minerals such as calcite and quartz are a combination of two or more components. Minerals always have an identical element makeup. For instance, quartz is composed of one part silicon and two parts oxygen. Minerals are typically in solid crystals with numerous flat surfaces.
For example, a crystal of quartz is in hexagonal shape because of how the atoms of silicon and oxygen have combined together. Generally oxygen is a component of several minerals. Minerals composing oxygen make up almost half of the earth’s crust.
Other widespread minerals are mica, horneblend and feldspar. The most exceptional and costly minerals are known as gems. Rubies, emeralds, and diamonds are perfect examples of such minerals. Silver and gold are also well-known minerals, and these natural substances are utilized to create beautiful jewellery.

Why collect minerals?
Mineral samples and crystals have been collected since our first ancestors saw them. Several prehistoric burial sites contain various mineral portions and crystals which were used for religious purposes.
Gemstones are the wealth of the Earth; each stone is unique and cannot be imitated by man. Mineral collecting gained popularity during the Victorian age. Queens, Kings, and sovereigns across Nigeria accumulated minerals at a furious pace, often challenging one another for the premium material available.

The Jos Plateau is composed of eroded gneiss formations, with granite intrusions forming massifs, and has numerous extinct volcanic cones surrounded by basaltic flows, especially around Panyam in the south and around Vom and Miango in the west, including several containing crater lakes. Its highest points are Mt. Shere (5,843 ft) and Peak Sara (5,544 ft) in the Wadi Hills—both near Jos town.
The plateau’s mineral wealth has attracted numerous people in the 20th century; and the absence of the tsetse fly (the carrier of trypanosomiasis) at this elevation has also lured many people to the plateau.
Jos Plateau has been one of the world’s major suppliers of tin and it is the world’s largest known deposits of columbite, an ore of niobium found associated with tin, have also been exploited since the 1940s. Smaller quantities of tantalite, wolfram (tungsten), kaolin, zircon, and uranium are also mined.
There are several collectors and miners of such minerals on the Plateau and beyond and one among them is Zaheen Global concepts. Zaheen Global Concepts is a mining company located in Jos. They buy & sale crystal specimen, industrial minerals & also provide consultancy services in Gems.
Their Office address is No. 12B Wase Road, off Ibrahim Taiyo Road, Jos –Plateau State.
Phone number 08036301091

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