“Good intentions have become a catastrophe because of the actions of some Veterans of the Plateau Youth Council and their overbearing influence on the affairs the Plateau Youth Council hence the need to resist such anomaly and advocate against this ugly evolving tradition. The Plateau Youth Council is indeed an organization its founders meant for good in servicing the Youth demography of the Plateau within the age cap of 45 years and honorary participation for persons above the age.

The gains of this noble association to the Youth Population on the Plateau has been on the decline over the years hence the need to address one of the giant reasons for the emerging and entrenched dwindling fortunes of the Plateau Youth from the Plateau Youth Council. The design of the Youth Council allowing Honorary participation of persons above the age of 45years probably was to allow for an effective mentorship system and value culture enforcement, however this has evolved as a major setback and reason for dwindling fortunes for Plateau Youth considering the emerging and prevailing security threats and economic disadvantaging experiences faced by a majority of Plateau Youth hence, limiting their potentials on local and international youth platforms. The sit tight leadership of the non-constitutional arm of the youth council which has overshadowed even constitutionally enabled facets of the Plateau Youth Council has evolved to be the priority destroying reason for the dwindling fortunes of the Plateau Youth Council.

The methods of operation of Unconstitutional Larger House has no place in modern civility as there is no documentation of meetings (Meeting Minutes), written rule book (constitution) and specified term limit for the leadership hence the over 12 years term of the current Chairman as an ugly example. This Larger House platform has evolved a notorious pattern of usurping roles of constitutionally enabled facets of the Plateau Youth Council which range from the Central Working Committee (The Legislative and Oversight Arm),State Executive Committee and even Zonal Offices by issuing illegal resolutions and cover-ups for alleged corrupt conduct of State executive officials, an example is the Dr Fabong Jemchang versus Mr Othniel Gongden and Others, scandal of embezzled trucks of fertilizer and rice which was meant to service the vast economically disadvantaged youths of the Plateau. A case that has eventually been swept under the carpet with no accountability as to what really transpired for appropriate sanctions because of the cover-up scheme the Leadership of the Larger House the notorious non-constitutional platform of Plateau Youth Council deployed. The current and most recent high handed conduct of leadership of this unconstitutional arm of the council, is the passage of an illegal and illegitimate resolution stating ‘Veterans’ of Central Zone and Southern Zones of Plateau state deciding to zone the Chairmanship position to the exclusive privilege of candidates from Bassa Local Government alone, mischievously and primitively. It is not news that leadership of the larger house has bragged of being deity parent to the out-gone State Executive Committee Chairman and a threat to serve punishment to the Northern tribes that did not vote Dr Jemchang Fabong during the 2017 PYC election, as unthinkable and unreasonable such comments sound, this is the reality of what the current situation is with the illegal resolution passed by the Larger House and Veterans. It will be honorable for veterans to revert back to their honorary participatory role rather than taking the driver’s seat in leading the Youth Council. The new normal of Veterans using the Larger House for manipulation of processes within the Youth Council is a great disservice to the youths of this generation and natural Justice. This is necessary to avert litigations as the council is already enmeshed in, because of actions of the leadership and Veterans of the Larger House.

For the Plateau Youth Council to return to winning ways, serving as a platform efficiently defending the rights of youths, promoting and creating opportunities of growth and prosperity for Plateau Youths, The frame must return to sacrosanct constitutionality and objective respect for traditions that engender the Plateau Spirit. The Larger House though a non-constitutional platform of the Youth Council must rediscover itself and return to its traditional masquerade role of serving as an enclave of great remedy and prospects for the council with roles and regulations, Veterans will agree to,with its documentation that ensures their constitutional honorary participatory role on the Plateau Youth Council. Contemporary methodologies should be adopted by the next leadership of the Larger House. Meeting minutes, non interference in Constitutional Youth Council Organ affairs ought not to be a difficulty if the strict honorary participatory role of veterans of the council is to be adhered to.

With profound respect and appreciation to Veterans for their roles on the Youth Council in the past and the non-constitutional Larger House, this is a kind reminder that the courts are still very capable of giving effect to the provisions of the constitution of the Plateau Youth Council if there is a failure to consider the voice of reason and dignity. The illegitimate, dishonorable resolution passed on the 3rd of December,2020 concerning the Youth Council election which is still, awaiting judicial approval is a ruse and primitive act that has no place in 21st century activism. When the courts give approval for elections the constitution and reasonable Plateau spirit traditions will determine eligibility for contest and electoral success to aspirants.

The Youth of Plateau State have a role to play in resisting giant unconstitutional conducts like the current Larger House arrangement, while also preparing to exit such spaces like the Youth Council as the blessing of age is acquired, to allow younger youth the stage to develop their potentials. The desire is to see the PYC return to the desired envious path of providing succor to the ever hardworking, innovative, justice desiring Plateau youth population.
Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria,
Long Live Plateau State,
Long Live the Plateau Youth Council,
Build the Youth,
Build the Nation.”

Dr Nyango Philip Bulus,
Former State Chairmanship, Aspirant.
Plateau State Youth Council

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