The Nigeria Green papers as a template for national renewal is a collection of twelve key papers spanning the breadth of issues that have challenged the nation on its path to nationhood and contributed in pushing the nation to the brink.

Tearfund Nigeria with collaborative partners like Christian Rural and Urban Development of Nigeria (CRUDAN), Program Management and Results Delivery Office of The Plateau State Government, RURCON, Yusuf Turaki Foundation, Jos Green Centre, ACET Nigeria, Nigerian Evangelical Fellowship (NEF), Abundant Africa, TASTE and with great contribution from Naomi Foxwood and Paul Cook of Tearfund Global Advocacy and Influencing Team (UK) believe that this intervention will contribute to building the foundation of the nation’s economic and social system with a view to having fairer, sustainable and resilient future reflected in enhanced social justice, reduced inequality, reduced poverty and reduced social crisis.

It is a collection of twelve papers which addresses twelve key issues that have historically served as barriers to the nation’s transformation.

The papers cover the following issues;

  1. Land, Identity, Meaning and Community
  2. Economic policy for national transformation
  3. Transitioning to a restorative economy.
  4. Faith as a force for Good.
  5. Citizenship as a commodity: The crisis of citizenship and diversity
  6. Flying with a single engine: The crisis of gender exclusion and development
  7. Re-thinking Nigeria’s centralized Federal structure.
  8. Human Security
  9. Environment, inequality and poverty.
  10. Youth and sustainable future for Nigeria.
  11. Education, knowledge and innovation for a sustainable future
  12. Building a resilient health system.

This green Paper was launched on the 1st October, 2020 as a closure to the Nigeria Reboot project. The Nigeria Reboot project draws attention to the fact Nigeria can rethink her developmental path to be more sustainable.

Inorder to demonstrate how this works, Tearfund Nigeria and her partners in collaboration with Program Management and Results Delivery Office, Jos (PMRDO)
Has launched Reimagine Plateau Project ( a pilot project as an alternative path way) which aims to Develop a green growth strategy for plateau state. This process began yesterday, 9th June, 2021 and will commence till August 2021.

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