It’s Leadership Failure over the years that a Professional Newspaper with a Nationwide appeal like Nigerian Standard Has been left to ruins in Plateau state.

Little wonder a certain DAILY TRUST can continue to be divisive, provocative and Unprofessional in reporting The Jos crisis to favour a particular Religious interest and narrative.

It is condemnable in the spirit of unity and one Nigeria that days after 7 were killed and many more isolated attacks in Bassa despite the IG deploying Special forces with joint operations of STF, despite the curfew imposed by the State Government such attacks could be carried out.

The Devastating fact is that the Presidency through Garba Shehu who responded like a thunderbolt when some travellers were waylaid along rukuba road by some “hoodlums and miscreants“according to the police Commisioner in Plateau state some days ago has maintained silence of the graveyard over the renewed upsurge in isolated killings,

To add salt to injury in his one sided earlier press Statement, he didn’t even condole with the families and people of Bassa who were attacked and over 70 people killed with over 2000 people displaced with houses burnt down to rubbles.

This are indices that will propel unrest as some are feeling less Nigerian Citizens than others, the danger it portends is that the people will not trust the system and it will resort to all Man to himself for survival against the calculated onslaught of serial planned attacks on Plateau communities, the people don’t Trust the security to cooperate with them for intelligence gathering and sharing.
The security apparatus themselves are not cooperating in inter-agency operations waiting for directives from their various headquarters in Abuja.

The Media is used for Propaganda (positive or negative)

The spokesperson of the Presidency must be seen to be neutral and just in all his statements as the mouthpiece of the Government in order to douse tension and ensure peace,law and order in all parts of The country.

Who will compensate the ransacked communities,who will comfort the family of the dead,injustice begets injustice, an eye for an eye makes all of us blind, how long can we pretend to have peace of the graveyard when vengeance lurks in the Hearst of the oppressed?

It is now visible to the blind and audible to the deaf that there is a calculated attempt to paint Plateau Red on the media sponsored by war merchants and what seem a careless and selective condemnation of criminality on the side of the federal Government.

It behoves on Plateau People to stand up across party divides,against ethnic and tribal chauvinism, Where is the wisdom of the elders,where is the Vigour of the youths, where is the spirit of the women and the innocence of the child?

It’s time to stand up and change the narrative,We are good people on the Plateau,we are not killers, we are not bad people, we have criminals in every Community and we will fish out our bad egg’s and turn them in but we need sincerity on part of the Government to be fair and just to all.

This episle is not about Government but the people that are the Government across all Religious and political divide.

Plateau First

Munatare Munashak Is A Social Media Influencer/Blogger and Social commentator from Jos.

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