WeJosRock is Using Digital Space to Drive positive Narratives– Herbert Daniel Gomagallah.

WeJosRock –NG is a Nigerian online news platform based in Jos, Nigeria. It reports on local news, national and international news, politics, business, entertainment, tourism, culture, sports, and public opinions.
The WeJosRock platform also works as the yellow pages in Jos, North Central Nigeria. This is because it gives directories of businesses in the city. From Agro– Businesses, Mining, factories, schools, markets among many others.
According to the founder, Daniel Gomagallah Herbert, Who is a an Economist and a Creative Writer, content developer, advertisement creator, and a brand strategist, there is a need for a conscious redirection of Nigerian news and news about Plateau State.

This will ultimately lead to a shift in view and opinion that will give other citizens of the world a different perspective about our country and Plateau State in particular.
Gomagallah added that “there is a need to focus more on the potentials of the state as that sells the state in a better light. So, WeJosRock shows clear pictures and well-crafted prose that Plateau State, even though has had dark past; its story today not about crisis, poverty and diseases. That the state has brilliant minds, creative businessmen and women and millions of people who through education and hard work live well and celebrate life everyday. You can see our pictures in a lot of people in different works of life.”
The need for the redirection of Nigeria news was brought from the reality that businesses and brands need a peaceful atmosphere to thrive and the rise of fake and unverified news that creates stereotypes about people and places requires a correction.

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