According to “Grow Africa”, only 37.4% of small holder farmers have access to banking and financial services in sub-Saharan Africa and as at the end of 2019, there is a $26.4bn financing gap for sub-Saharan African small holder farmers.

Due to Challenges along the value chain, African farmers have limited access to reliable markets that can pay a fair price for their produce.
NSPRI reveals that 25% of agricultural product are wasted post harvest.
Unhealthy practices of middlemen across agriculture pose a huge problem as well. The market price is being fixed by traders for their benefit rather than farmers.

These problems among many others inspired the creation of the company, Farmer First Tech. Agro Limited.

For more information about their activities, get in touch with them on 07056780567 (Calls, SMS and WhatsApp)
or visit the loan platform to secure a loan within 48 hours or visit their website to see other products and services.

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