So, I met someone with this stereotype that says; โ€œYou’re good for nothing.โ€ Afterwards, I spent nights crying thinking it is true, since it came from someone whose โ€œskin colourโ€ is said to be superior compared to mine, or he stays in the glass house made through my votes under the sun.
He is โ€œwhite and richโ€ โ€“ never had the scorching sun beat up his skin or have his shoes worn out trekking from streets to streets looking for a good job; doing more than one job, or tolerating underpayment just to have a โ€œsustainableโ€ life.
Basically, that is the life that has inspired me to believe that Nigerians are not as they are thought to be; โ€œLazy and all that.โ€
We are a people who are resilient in everything we do!
The spirit of wanting to keep faith that everything will be okay and the future is going to bright, holding onto a job that doesnโ€™t pay well and running other things; running in the streets, chasing after vehicles to sell groceries on the highway and much moreโ€ฆ
Who does that apart from a people who ignore all odds to make it life?
Imagine what these people will be if the economy is meant to thrive to meet their aspirations.
That is the spirit of the Nigerian I know, who the future depends on because of their resilience to turn things around.
Happy International Youth Day.
God bless Plateau State, God bless Nigeria.

โ€“ Daniel Gomagallah Herbert

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