Women in leadership initiative (WiLiAfrica) is a non profit organization With the key vision to Empower, Emancipate and Advocate for women, girl child and the youth.

Over the weekend, WiLI commissioned and opened the doors of its free community library and a counselling centre to the society.
The library has a collection of plethora of books from various disciplines for both adults and children and can be accessible by every individual freely. This is aimed at providing a hub where knowledge can be enhanced, research be undertaken and also a place where attitudinal change can be championed from that of chaos and illiteracy to that of peaceful coexistence, diversity and enlightenment.

Also within the library, there’s a center for counseling dubbed “the safe space” where people grappling with mental health challenges and traumas can have a safe space to talk to professionals in the field of psychology and sought solutions for their challenges without any fear of being judged or discriminated upon. Also, the centre gives room fo victims of rape, child molestation, gender based violence and domestic abuse to report and get the necessary support including legal redress.

Libraries the world over are the centers of civilization. In societies where advancement is the focal point, educational institutions such as libraries are given utmost priority and importance because of their vital contribution to the development of knowledge which in turn produce informed and enlightened citizens bringing about development. In line with WiLiAfrica’s vision of making an Impact at grassroot level, this project was championed.

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